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Excerpted from the website: Ericka Boussarhane (born August 2, 1973 in Pensacola,Florida) is an American author, radio personality, public speaker and professional psychic medium and Reiki healer. She to communicates with loved ones from the other side as a Clairvoyant Channel. She volunteers to assist families and law enforcement on cold case profiles. She also consults for corporate and private clients including Attorneys and Fortune 500 Executives. Ericka has been featured on TV and interviewed by national radio stations across the country. She was the main medium on A Gift From Above Psychics and Cold Cases Televsion Series.

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She hosts "Whispers from the Heart Radio" Ericka has interviewed such guests as John Zaffis, Jeff Baker , Sonia Choquette , Rosemary Altea, Glenn Klausner , Psychic Medium Carole Lynne, Michelle “Babs” Babiarz,Christopher Moon , Sandy Anastasi, Loyd Auerbach and Rita Straus Berkowitz .


Ericka Boussarhane is known as the Oprah of the Paranormal World. Ericka has had paranormal experiences since childhood. In college she began listening more to her intution as she studied psychology . She began reading Tarot and channelling professionally in 2004 in Floridain New Age stores,psychic festivals, and on [Blabb TV|TV 6]].Ericka now offers readings, travels the country giving lectures, and hosts her own radio show Whispers from the Heart .


  • Sam and the Boogie Man ISBN 9781438931074
  • I Miss Mommy ISBN


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Ericka Boussarhane has a remarkable ability to communicate with those who have passed.

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