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I'm finding reference to a "Battle of Pensacola" that took place on March 20, 1863, but can't seem to get any details about it, except that it coincides with the Federal evacuation of the city. The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote this (as reprinted by the Richmond Dispatch):[1]

The evacuation of Pensacola by the Union garrison was marked by an act of incendiarism disgraceful to the perpetrators, and injurious to the cause for which they fight. Under the pies that they believed the town was evacuated only to be ultimately occupied by the enemy, the troops, regardless of the protests and commands of the officers, applied the torch, and refused to cause their infamous work until the entire town, with the exception of a few buildings, was destroyed. The flames are reported to have illuminated the site for three days and nights, and even the guard stationed to protect valuable property forgot their duty, and united their efforts with those of their recreant comrades. Pensacola was an old, and, before the the rebellion, a pleasant town. It is now, if we may credit the statements received from New Orleans, a smouldering waste, made so by the acts of our own soldiers. The crime stands before the world in its own baseness and the speedy punishment of the incendiaries should prove the abhorrence of our Government and people for the act.

This was the first I'd heard of this. Does anyone know more? — admin • talk  07:09, 23 March 2009 (CDT)