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Location 21 West Romana Street
Established 2008
Owner Edwin Banacia & Albert Lao
Hours of Operation Tue-Sat: 8:00 PM-3:00 AM
Phone number (850) 912-4767

Suite Ultra-Lounge is a Pensacola nightclub located at 21 West Romana Street (previously occupied by Cancun's Mexican Grill). It was opened in 2008 by former New York music executives Edwin Banacia and Albert Lao.

Designed to emulate some of lower Manhattan's most popular nightspots, the club features full-size beds for lounging and bottle service, in addition to the full bar.[1] Patrons can also sit in large leather sectionals in the main area, with low tables and Swiss-designed benches providing additional seating. DJs regularly play a mix of musical genres for dancers.

According to Banacia, a Pensacola native, "We designed our space with a contemporary sleek and clean design in mind. Our base color is red because we wanted something bold. … Secretly, I wanted to come back to Pensacola because my family is here, I've always loved the weather and the hospitality."[2]

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