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Memorial Day Weekend

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In [[2004]], the gay and lesbian events drew as many as 60,000 visitors per year. Later that year, [[Hurricane Ivan]] damaged the businesses and infrastructure on Pensacola Beach, causing a tourism decline in subsequent years, but by [[2007]] an estimated 50,000 tourists arrived for Memorial Day Weekend.<ref>"Hotels filling fast for holiday weekend." ''Pensacola News Journal'', May 24, 2007.</ref>
Gay and lesbian patrons of [[Emerald City]] and the annual [[Abracadabra]] party are frequently met with demonstrators from local Christian groups, ranging from peaceful hymn singers to vitriolic open-air preachers to individuals displaying placards with a variety of inflammatory messages.
==Other images==
Image:MDW-ECprotestors.jpg|Various Christian groups demonstrating outside [[Emerald City]], Memorial Say Weekend [[2007]]
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