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Blue Dot Barbecue

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{{Infobox Restaurant|name=Blue Dot Barbecue|image=BlueDot.jpg|caption=|cuisine=Barbeque|location=310 North [[De Villiers Street]]|opened=|owner=[[Image:BlueDotThomas Long, Jr.jpg]] and [[Byron Long]]|thumbchef=|rightcheftitle=|240pxslogan=|hours='''M:''' 11:00 AM-2:30 PM<br/>'''Tu-F:''' 11:00 AM-5:00 PM<br/>'''Sa:''' 12:30 PM-5:00 PM<br/>'''Su:''' Closed|phone=(850) 432-0644|website=|mapcode=<googlemap lat="30.416185" lon="-87.222776" zoom="15" width="288" height="250">30.415889, -87.222637, Blue Dot Barbecue]]Barbeque</googlemap>}}'''Blue Dot Barbecue''' is a restaurant located at 310 North [[De Villiers Street]], in the heart of the [[Belmont-DeVilliers]] neighborhood, known for its hamburgers and rib sandwiches. It is named for the original ownersowned and operated by [[Thomas Long, a man nicknamed Blue Jr.]] and his wife Dot. The menu has only two entrees: a hamburger and a barbecue rib sandwichson, [[Byron Long]].
{{rest-stub}}==History==Blue Dot is named for its original owners, [[Blue Robinson]] and his wife Dorothy ("Dot"). The restaurant opened in 1947<ref>[[Pensapedia:Uncertain dates|Date uncertain]]. Please see [[Talk:Blue Dot Barbecue|the discussion page]].</ref> and was originally located in the [[Eastside]] neighborhood, near the [[H&O Restaurant]]. It later relocated to the intersection of [[De Villiers Street|De Villiers]] and [[Wright Street]]s, moving again to its current location circa 1995. The Robinsons' nephew, Thomas, was an early worker at the restaurant and took over operations circa 1987.<ref>"Black History Month: Business sees success by just staying small." ''Pensacola News Journal'', February 3, 2004.</ref>
==Menu==The menu has only two dishes: a hamburger ($4) and a barbecue rib sandwich ($7.21). A variety of chips and canned drinks are also available. ==References=={{reflist}} [[Category:Belmont-DeVilliers]][[Category:Diners]][[Category:Barbecue restaurants]]

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