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No vanity pages
===No vanity pages===
:''Main article: [[Pensapedia:Autobiography]]''
Writing an autobiography — a so-called "vanity page" about yourself — is strongly discouraged at Pensapedia, unless your writing has been approved by the community. The reason for this is the obvious difficulty in writing neutrally about one's self. It is preferred that individuals who wish to contribute material or make suggestions do so on the article's talk page, allowing independent editors to do the actual writing. In several clear cut cases (such as incorrect birthdates, out-of-date employer information, etc.), it is permissable to edit an article about yourself.
It is permissable to write or edit an article for a business or organization in which you are personally involved, as long as a neutral point of view is maintained. For example, if you own a restaurant, you may publish the menu, prices and hours of operation, but please refrain from posting reviews or comparisons to competing restaurants.

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