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Clara Barkley Dorr

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'''Clara Garnier Barkley Vienne Dorr''' ([[1825]]-[[1899]]) was the daughter of shipping merchant [[George W. Barkley]] and wife of timber magnate [[Eben Walker Dorr]] who built the [[Clara Barkley Dorr House]] facing [[Seville Square]] with the wealth she inherited after her husband's death.
Clara Garnier Barkley was born in [[1825]] to businessman [[George W. Barkley]] and French native [[Clara Louise Garnier Barkley]], who built [[Barkley House|their home]] overlooking [[Pensacola Bay]] the same year. She married Noel Armande Vienne in [[1840]], but was soon widowed without children.
She remarried on [[December 12]], [[1849]] to [[Eben Walker Dorr]], the son of [[Escambia County Sheriff|Sheriff]] [[Ebenezer Dorr IV]]. Dorr had a disability that prevented him from fighting in the [[Civil War]] and instead managed the affairs of [[E. E. Simpson & Company]] in New Orleans. The company's [[Bagdad]] mill was damaged in the war; when it was rebuilt in [[1866]], Dorr was made a partner.
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