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Gene Valentino

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{{Infobox Biography| subject_name =Gene M. Valentino| image_name =GeneValentino.JPG| image_size =200px| image_caption =| date_of_birth =[[October 13]], [[1953]]| place_of_birth =| date_of_death =| place_of_death =| occupation =[[Escambia County Board of County Commissioners|Escambia County Commissioner]]<br/>[[Escambia County District 2|District 2]]| religion =[[Perdido Bay United Methodist Church|Methodist]]| spouse =| parents =| children =}}'''Gene M. Valentino''mao7pp Touchdown! That' is the current [[Escambia County Board s a really cool way of County Commissioners|County Commissioner]] for [[Escambia County District 2]], serving since [[2006]].  {{esccogovt}}  {{start box}}{{Incumbent succession box | before = [[Timothy Wright]] | title = [[Escambia County Commission|Escambia&nbsp;County&nbsp;Commissioner]],&nbsp;[[Escambia County District 2|District&nbsp;2]] | start = [[2006]]}}{{end box}} {{politician-bio-stub}}[[Category:Escambia County Commissioners|Valentino, Gene]]putting it!
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