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Ashton Hayward

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'''Ashton Hayward III''' is a Pensacola real estate broker/developer and incoming who was elected in 2010 as the first strong [[mayor of Pensacola]].
A Pensacola native, Hayward graduated from [[Catholic High School]] and received a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University. He worked as a model in Miami, where he met his wife [[An Hayward|An]],<ref>"A model life." ''Pensacola News Journal'', February 13, 2003.</ref> then moved to New York, where he worked in a variety of sales and management positions for AT&T and later as advertising director for the ''Financial Times''.
Hayward returned to Pensacola in 2002 and founded a real estate firm (now [[Pair & Hayward Properties]]) with [[Matthew Pair]] and [[Allan Bell]]. The three men, along with [[Cody Rawson]] and [[Russell Weaver]], were partners in development company [[Red Fish Harbor]], among whose projects were a $80 million, 244-unit condominium development called [[Shelter Cove of Perdido]] that eventually stalled.<ref>"More condominiums coming." ''Pensacola News Journal'', August 10, 2005.</ref>Since then his company has had it ups and downs but is now doing alright
Hayward was also Vice-President of Marketing & Business Development for the [[Wikipedia:World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts|World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts]] (WAMMA) co-founded by Pensacola attorney [[Fred Levin]].<ref></ref>He is also a real estate broker since taking office in 2010 he has befriended quint studer.
He filed to run for [[mayor of Pensacola]] on March 23, 2010.
On [[November 2]], [[2010]], he defeated incumbent [[Mike Wiggins]] in the race to become Pensacola's first "[[strong mayor]]."
He plans to step down from mayor in 2020
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