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Pitt's Slip

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Later that year the city opened the project to other bids, sparking a complaint by Yates, who said he had met informally with [[Pensacola City Manager|city manager]] [[Steve Garmen]] and city planners in creating their proposal and had been "assured back then that we were the only people that were even interested."<ref name="dealallegations">"Pitt Slip 'deal' allegations appear thin." ''Pensacola Journal'', March 6, 1982.</ref> Three of the Harbour principals — Baker, Carr and Ritchie — splintered off and submitted their own proposal. A third proposal was also presented by [[Arcadia Realty Group]], represented by [[Don Ripley]].
<gallery caption="Pitt Slip proposals, 1981" widths="200">
File:PittsSlipConcept-HarbourCorp.jpg|Proposal by Harbour Corporation, estimated at $3.4 million
File:PittsSlipConcept-BakerCarrRitchie.jpg|Proposal by Baker, Carr & Ritchie, estimated between $1.5-1.8 million

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