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Koch map

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Image:KochMap4.jpg|4 L. & N. R. R. Shops and [[Roundhouse|Round House]].
Image:KochMap5.jpg|5 [[Pensacola Gas Works|Gas Works]].
Image:KochMap6.jpg|6 [[Waterworks Building|Water Works Pumping Station]].Image:KochMap7.jpg|7 Water Works [[Stand Pipe]].
Image:KochMap8.jpg|8 [[Lee Square|R. E. Lee Square and Confederate Monument]].
Image:KochMap9.jpg|9 [[Public School No. 1|Public School, No. 1]].
Image:KochMap10.jpg|10 [[Union Depot|Union Passenger Depot]].
Image:KochMap11.jpg|11 [[L&N Freight Depot|Freight Depot]], L & N. R. R.
Image:KochMap12.jpg|12 [[St. Michael's Cemetery|St Michaels Cemetry]].
Image:KochMap13.jpg|13 [[Seville Square]].
Image:KochMap14.jpg|14 [[Old Christ Church|Episcopal Church]].Image:KochMap15.jpg|15 [[B. R. Pitt Company|B. R. Pitt Co's Planing Mill]].Image:KochMap16.jpg|16 [[Pensacola Electric Light Company|Pensacola Electric Light Co.]]Image:KochMap17.jpg|17 [[Pensacola Manufacturing Company|Pensacola Manufacturing Co.]]
Image:KochMap18.jpg|18 [[Commendencia Street Wharf|L. & N. R. R. Wharf No. 1]] [[Louisville & Nashville Railroad grain elevator|Elevator]] and Warehouses.
Image:KochMap19.jpg|19 [[M. F. Gonzalez & Company|M. F. Gonzalez & Co.]], Grist Mill.
Image:KochMap20.jpg|20 [[Cary & Company|Cary & Co.]], Coal Yards.
Image:KochMap20half.jpg|20½ [[Bright Ice Factory]].
Image:KochMap33.jpg|33 [[Star Laundry]].
Image:KochMap34.jpg|34 [[Pensacola Chamber of Commerce|Chamber of Commerce]].<br/>[[Young Men's Business League]].
Image:KochMap35.jpg|35 [[Odd Fellows|Odd Fellow's]] Hall.
Image:KochMap36.jpg|36 [[Escambia County Courthouse|U. S. Custom House & Post Office]].
Image:KochMap37.jpg|37 [[Merchants Hotel]].
Image:KochMap55.jpg|55 [[Rafford Hall|Pensacola Gymnasium & Athletic Club]].
Image:KochMap56.jpg|56 [[St. John's Cemetery|St John's Cemetry]].
Image:KochMap57.jpg|57 U. S. [[Marine Hospital]].Image:KochMap58.jpg|58 [[O. Bronnum Planing Mill|O. Bronnum, Planing Mill]].
Image:KochMap59.jpg|59 [[Pensacola & Perdido Railroad|Pensacola & Perdido R. R.]] Wharf.
Image:KochMap60.jpg|60 [[Tharp's Planing Mill]].Image:KochMap44.jpg|44 [[405 South Jefferson Street|City Hall]].Image:KochMap44half.jpg|44½ [[Martinez Cigar Factory]].
Image:KochMap45.jpg|45 [[Pensacola Terminal Company|Pensacola Terminal Co.]], Depot and Offices.
Image:KochMap46.jpg|46 [[Pensacola Ice & Fish Company|Pensacola Ice & Fish Co.]]

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