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Ellyson Industrial Park

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[[Image:Ellyson1940.jpg|thumb|left|Ellyson Field in 1940]]
The United States Navy purchased farmland in [[1940]] and developed it as an outlying landing field to support flight training operations based at [[NAS Pensacola]]. The field was initially designated '''Base Field 01913(Site 3)'''. IN In [[1941]] the field was renamed Ellyson Field in honor of [[Wikipedia:Theodore Gordon Ellyson|Theodore "Spuds" Ellyson]], the Navy's first naval aviator.<ref name="AirfieldsSeigfried">[http://www.airfields-freemantailhook.comorg/Ellyson.htm Seigfried, CDR Doug. ''NAS Ellyson Field''. http:/FL/ Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields]</ref>
[[Image:Ellyson FL WW2.jpg|thumb|right|Ellyson Field during World War II]]
As World War II intensified, the airfield was quickly expanded. At a cost of $1.7 million, six taxiways and runways were constructed, along with three hangars, administrative and operations buildings, barracks, and a mess hall. Operations commenced on [[October 1]], [[1941]] when five divisions of aircraft transferred from NAS Pensacola. Dedication ceremonies were held that morning and training flights began that afternoon. Ellyson Field was designated as a Naval Auxiliary Air Station in on [[January 1]], [[1943]]. <ref>[]</ref> In [[1945]], NAS Pensacola's Intermediate Instructor School moved to Ellyson Field.<ref name="AirfieldsSeigfried" />
At the end of World War II, however, use of Ellyson Field quickly diminished. In November [[1945]], primary and basic training operations were moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, and Ellyson was used for storage until it was deactivated in [[1947]]. Over the next few years, portions of Ellyson Field were opened up for civilian use, including a school for handicapped children and a training center for the [[Wikipedia:Brooklyn Dodgers|Brooklyn Dodgers]] baseball club.<ref name="AirfieldsSeigfried" />
Ellyson Field was reactivated before long, though, as the [[Wikipedia:Korean War|Korean War]] necessitated an expansion of the Navy's helicopter training program. Helicopter Training Unit One was established at Ellyson in [[1950]]. Ellyson Field was designated as an auxiliary landing field until [[1967]], when it was reestablished as a Naval Auxiliary Air Station. It was elevated to full Navar Air Station status in [[1968]]. In the early 1970s, though, the Navy decided to close Ellyson due to conflicts with civilian air traffic from nearby [[Pensacola Regional Airport]]. Ellyson Field was closed on [[December 28]], [[1973]], and helicopter training was relocated to NAS [[Whiting Field]] in Santa Rosa County. The Naval Education & Training Program Development Center used Ellyson until it relocated to [[Saufley Field]] in [[1979]], at which time Ellyson Field was declared surplus.<ref name="AirfieldsSeigfried" />

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