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Charles McKenzie Oerting

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Around the turn of the century, Oerting also served as a director of the [[American National Bank]], a member of the [[Pensacola Chamber of Commerce]] and [[Young Men's Business League]], and collector for the Bar Pilots' Benevolent Association.
From [[1896]] to his death, Oerting served as vice-consul for Denmark, and served as vice-consul for Sweden from [[1907]] onward. For this service, he was awarded the [[Wikipedia:Order of the Dannebrog|Order of the Dannebrog]] and the [[Wikipedia:Order of Vasa|Order of Vasa]] by the Danish and Swedish kings, respectively.<ref>Armstrong, Henry Clay. ''History of Escambia County''. St. Augustine: 1930. [ p. 410-412]</ref>
*J. S. Glass, editor. ''The Southern Manufacturer'', Volume V, Number 3. New Orleans: June 1901.
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