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Charles McKenzie Oerting

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| occupation =Ship chandler
| religion =Presbyterian
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| parents =Peter Julius and Sophie Buchtrup Oerting
'''Charles McKenzie Oerting''' was proprietor of the [[McKenzie Oerting & Company]], a ship chandlery and grocery, which he took over from [[P. J. McKenzie Oerting|his father]] in 1886. His family came to America from Denmark in [[1861]], with the elder McKenzie Oerting going into business a year later. Charles led the company to great success, and it was later operated by successive generations of the family before finally closing in [[1971]].
Around the turn of the century, Oerting also served as vice-consul for both Denmark and Sweden, was a director of the [[American National Bank]], a member of the [[Pensacola Chamber of Commerce]] and [[Young Men's Business League]], and collector for the Bar Pilots' Benevolent Association. From [[1896]] to his death, Oerting served as vice-consul for Denmark, and served as vice-consul for Sweden from [[1907]] onward. For this service, he was awarded the [[Wikipedia:Order of the Dannebrog|Order of the Dannebrog]] and the [[Wikipedia:Order of Vasa|Order of Vasa]] by the Danish and Swedish kings, respectively.
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