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<noinclude>{{On this day/doc}}</noinclude>'''[[{{#titleparts:{{PAGENAME}}|1|2}}January 31]]''':
<!-- Events go below this line.-->
*[[1831]] &ndash; The '''[[Bank of Pensacola (19th century)|Bank of Pensacola]]''' was incorporated.
*[[1921]] &ndash; '''[[Theo Baars, Jr.]]''' was born.
*[[1970]] &ndash; '''[[Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr.]]''', in Pensacola to receive a "Man of the Year" award, was refused a drink by [[Torch Lounge]] owner [[Jack Horne]] because of his race.<ref>Earnest N. Bracey. ''Daniel "Chappie" James''. McFarland, 2003.

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