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:::I would be happy to give you the appropriate credit on all the relevant pages. Is that your biggest concern, or do you feel certain information should not be reproduced at all? (I'm still not sure what you meant by non-transferable copyright restrictions.) Without knowing the extent of how much Mr. Appleyard used your work (derivative rewriting vs. verbatim copying) I can attest that he often does not provide bibliographies for his research, which can be frustrating, but which I am confident does not stem from malicious intent.
:::For the sake of full disclosure, I work for the advertising agency that he founded and his son now runs. Mr. Appleyard still comes into the office most days, and if you'd like I can bring these concerns to his attention (if the university has not already done so). Sorry for the mess, and please let me know how you'd like to address the situation here at Pensapedia. If you'd like to discuss it privately you can [[Special:EmailUser/Admin|send me an email]]. <span style="font-family:Georgia, serif; color:#cccccc;">&mdash;&nbsp;'''''[[User:Admin|admin]]'''''&nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;'''''[[User_talk:Admin|talk]]'''''&nbsp;</span> 20:26, 27 October 2008 (UTC)
Email sent.

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