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August 14

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{{date|August 13|August 15}} ==Events==*[[1559]] – A [[Luna expedition|Spanish expedition]] led by [[Tristán de Luna y Arellano]] enters [[Pensacola Bay]].*[[1812]] – A Spanish decree orders the renaming of [[Plaza Ferdinand VII]] to "Plaza de la Constitución" (as shown on the [[Pintado plan]]).*[[1816]] – [[John Innerarity]] writes [[James Innerarity]] that they expect an attack on Pensacola imminently.*[[1864]] – [[Civil War]]: Union General [[Alexander Sandor Asboth]] orders his troops to leave Pensacola and move across the [[Perdido River]] for operations near [[Mobile Bay]].*[[1972]] – The [[L&N Marine Terminal Building]] is added to the [[Wikipedia:National Register of Historic Places|National Register of Historic Places]].

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