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Pensacola city elections, 2008

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*No declared candidates at this time{| class="wikitable"|-| [[Mike Wiggins]]|} <small>Current mayor [[John Fogg]] has announced he will not seek re-election.Wiggins is currently the District 9 At-Large councilman.</small>
==Pensacola City Council==
===District 1===
*{| class="wikitable"|-| [[P. C. Wu]] '''(i)'''*|-| [[Robert Walker|Robert J. Walker]]|}
===District 2===
*{| class="wikitable"|-| [[Sam Hall]] '''(i)'''*|-| [[Peter James Saccomano]]|}
===District 3===
*{| class="wikitable"|-| [[Mike DeSorbo]] '''(i)'''|}
===District 4===
*{| class="wikitable"|-| [[W. Rhette Anderson]]|}
===District 5===
===District 6===
*{| class="wikitable"|-| [[Jewel Cannada-Wynn]] '''(i)'''*|-| [[Jeffrey A. Humbles]]|}
===District 7===
*{| class="wikitable"|-| [[Ronald Townsend]] '''(i)'''|}
===District 8 (At-large)===
*{| class="wikitable"|-| [[Jack Nobles|John W. "Jack" Nobles]] '''(i)'''|-| [[Diane Mack]]|}
===District 9 (At-large)===
*{| class="wikitable"|-| [[Mike WigginsChristopher Lewis|Christopher J. Lewis]] '''(i)'''|-| [[Wendell Rich|Wendell C. Rich, Sr.]]|}
==See also==

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