Spearman Brewing Company

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A postcard depicting the Spearman brewery

The Spearman Brewing Company was a brewery located at 1600 Barrancas Avenue.

It opened May 18, 1935, shortly after the end of prohibition, and was a member of the Florida Brewers' Association, which was founded April 6, 1934. It was popular among local military personnel during World War II.

Owner Guy Spearman, who also owned the Crystal Ice Company, allegedly became attracted to the industry after touring a brewery in Mexico. The Spearman slogan was "The Pure Water Does It."

The brewery closed in 1964 .


Spearman Straight Eight Beer label
  • Spearman Draft Beer
  • Spearman Draft Ale
  • Spearman English-Type Ale
  • Spearman's Straight Eight Beer (launched after bans of "strong" beers were lifted and named for its 8% alcohol content)
  • Bon Premium Beer