17th Avenue

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17th Avenue
South end: Bayfront Parkway
North end: Texar Drive

<googlemap lat="30.43417" lon="-87.195225" type="map" zoom="13" width="288" height="250">

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30.417814, -87.194409 30.419442, -87.19398 30.420589, -87.193937 30.421348, -87.194431 30.424049, -87.195053 30.428212, -87.196019 30.449617, -87.200825 </googlemap>

17th Avenue is a prominent north-south road in the East Hill neighborhood in Pensacola. Its southern terminus is at Bayfront Parkway at Pensacola Bay; from there it travels northerly uninterrupted to its northern terminus at Texar Drive.

17th Avenue is the road that is home to the locally infamous 17th Avenue Railroad Trestle, also known as the "Graffiti Bridge." 17th Avenue also serves as the eastern boundary for the Community Redevelopment Area.