Scott Satterwhite

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Scott Satterwhite
Satterwhite at Open Books
Occupation activist, bookseller
Spouse Lauren
Children One daughter, One Son

Scott Satterwhite is a Pensacola educator, writer, activist and business co-owner. He is primarily known for being an outspoken activist in regard to a number of political and social issues, as well as for his involvement in the Pensacola music scene and area businesses. Satterwhite is on the faculty of the University of West Florida and serves as an instructor in the UWF Department of English.

Satterwhite settled in Pensacola after he was stationed in the area during his service in the U.S. Navy. He served from 1990 until his honorable discharge in 1999.

Satterwhite currently serves as the President of Veterans for Peace Northwest Florida and is a member of the Open Books Prison Book Project. He holds an MA in American History and English, both from the University of West Florida. Satterwhite possesses a BA from UWF in history with a minor in English. Satterwhite produces an independent punk zine, Mylxine, and also regularly contributes to the Independent News nd various other publications.

Satterwhite has previously been involved with End of the Line Café and Subterranean Books, where he helped spearhead the Prison Books program. After Subterranean Books closed, Satterwhite and several others started Open Books as a way to continue the non-profit program.

He is married to Lauren Anzaldo, a social worker from South Florida, and is the father of two children.

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