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Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund is a U.S. professional services firm, with offices in major cities of the state of Florida. Saltmarsh is one of the largest non-national accounting and consulting firms in the Southeast U.S. In addition to the firm’s U.S. presence, Saltmarsh also serves clients worldwide as a member of the PKF North American Network, which is a member of PKF International. PKF International is an international association of independent accounting firms.


Saltmarsh was founded in 1944 by Thomas Saltmarsh, Harold Cleaveland and Charles Gund.

It was a major “Correspondent” firm in the state of Florida in the period before the “Big Eight” accounting firms (now known as the “Big Four”) had physical offices in Florida. Prior to the late 1960’s the Big Eight were effectively prevented from direct CPA firm licensure in the State of Florida by various state regulatory bodies. As such, these firms conducted business activities through their direct correspondent firms or other large firms like Saltmarsh that served as correspondents for multiple Big Eight firms. In the early 1970’s these licensure requirements changed such that the major (Big Eight and other) firms could effectively “move” into Florida. Such moves into Florida by these very large firms were typically carried out by the Big Eight firms purchasing (or merging in) their direct correspondent firms in the state. Remaining independent, Saltmarsh did not merge or sell to a national or Big Eight firm. As such, it is today the last (and the largest) of the Correspondent firms in the State of Florida remaining from the early part of the 20th century.

The firm was lead from the 1950’s through the 1980’s by the youngest of the founding partners, Charles Gund. Mr. Gund was known affectionately throughout the firm and by clients as “The Chief”. The firm has been lead since 1991 through its most dramatic period of growth by Ronald E. Jackson.

Culture and Areas of Focus[edit]

The firm’s stated mission is: “Achieving success by contributing to the success of others.” Saltmarsh provides auditing, accounting, management consulting, corporate and individual tax planning/preparation, business valuation, litigation support, financial/estate planning, healthcare consulting, retirement planning, computer systems evaluation, and employee benefits design, implementation, and administration. The firm is well-known for its specialization in service to banks and banking concerns. Saltmarsh also specializes in the industries of healthcare (physicians and hospitals), not-for-profit organizations, real estate, construction & development companies, and other major industries in the Southeastern U.S.

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