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Pensapedia includes a "Source" namespace that is used for the archival of historical documents and other primary sources. Pages using this namespace all have the prefix "Source:" (similar to the "Pensapedia" namespace of this project-related page or the "Portal" namespace of Portal:History).


You can use the form below to search only documents in the "Source" namespace.

Linking from articles[edit]


Pensapedia has source documents related to this article:

If you want to link to a source document from a related article (i.e. in the main namespace), you can use the {{sourcelink}} template. This will generate a box that floats to the right-hand side of the content containing links to up to different source documents per instance, separated by pipes (|). Do not include the "Source:" prefix in the template. For example, {{sourcelink|Example document 1|Example document 2}} would generate the box at right.