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Research is essential for good Pensapedia articles, especially those dealing with the history of Pensacola. Whenever possible, legitimate sources should be cited. This page is a collection of resources to get you started or point you in the right direction.

Online research[edit]


The Pensacola News Journal is the newspaper-of-record for the Pensacola area. It has produced some of the most thorough and reliable coverage of local events. Their online archive includes electronic texts of articles since 1999. This archive can be accessed for free with a West Florida Public Library card number. Otherwise, archived articles must be purchased, but many important details (dates, names, etc.) can be gleaned from the abstracts available for free. Dates are often listed as days of the week relative to the publication date, in which case a "day of the week calculator" is helpful in determining the month and day.

Several other local publications have searchable archives of past issues:

Specific sources[edit]

Other websites[edit]

Library research[edit]

The second floor of the downtown library has a local history section with books, periodicals, family papers and other documents that are freely accessible.

The Special Collections department of UWF's John C. Pace Library has perhaps the largest collections of unique historical documents in the area. For preservation reasons, materials can not be checked out, and any photocopies must be made by library personnel, but an online directory of their holdings is available for search.

The Resource Center of the Pensacola Historical Society is located on the second floor of the Beacon Building at 110 Church Street.