Pensacola Street Car Company

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The Pensacola Street Car Company was the first entity to operate a streetcar system in Pensacola. The company was chartered by act of the Florida Legislature on March 3, 1881. The initial partners in the corporation were Conrad Kupfrian, Christian Corner, Henry Pfeiffer, and John B. Guttman. The act of incorporation laid out specific privileges for the Company:

...The said Street Car Company be, and it is hereby authorized to construct, own, maintain, equip and operate, with steam, horse or other motive power, a Street Car Railroad beginning at the south end of Palafox street, and running by any route selected by said Company to Kupfrian Park, with a branch railroad from the intersection of Intendencia and Palafox streets to the Pensacola and Perdido Railroad, and another branch from the intersection of Government and Palafox streets to the Pensacola Railroad.

Acts and Resolutions Adopted by the Legislature of Florida at Its Eleventh Session.[1]

The act also directed the company to begin construction of the railway within one year and to complete the main line within three years, and set a maximum passenger fare of five cents per mile.