Pensacola Dairy Company

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1950s photo of the Dairy Bar, "home of the Teenburger"

The Pensacola Dairy Company (later called the Dairy Bar and popularly the Milk Bottle) was a restaurant located at 141 East Gregory Street specializing in burgers and milkshakes. Built in 1926, the building's entrance was shaped like a large milk bottle. It was owned by Leo and Pearl Eskin and was demolished in 1976 to make room for the construction of Interstate 110. This business was started by two brothers, Benjamin and Nathan Bear who were Jewish immigrants from Poland. The Pensacola Dairy provided home delivery of milk and other dairy products as well as opeated the Dairy bar. Pearl Eskin, Nathan Bear's daughter by his first wife, was brought into the business with her husband. A third Bear brother, Joseph, started a dairy and ice cream business in Mobile, Alabama.


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