November 14

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  • 1844Jonathan Walker is tried for slave stealing.
  • 1862Civil War: A Federal expedition from Pensacola, which included five boats, a special work gang, and sixty U.S. marines, heads along the coast to St. Andrews Bay with orders to destroy all salt works located between the two ports.
  • 1978 - Heavy metal musicians Black Sabbath and Van Halen performed at the Mobile Municipal Auditorium.
  • 1987 - Rock band KISS performs at the civic center as part of their Crazy Nights Tour. Opening act was White Lion.
  • 1988Eugene Blanck, a resident elector of an area recently annexed by referendum into the City of Pensacola, files an official protest against the election returns.
  • 2006 – Two cougars at The Zoo Northwest Florida temporarily escape from their pens.