Lakeview Center

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The Lakeview Center is a Baptist Health Care facility in the main Baptist Hospital campus that provides high quality behavioral health care and vocational services to the people and communities Baptist serves. The facility offers more than 50 treatment and vocational programs to provide solutions for children, teens, adults and seniors who are struggling with mental health issues or drug or alcohol dependency, or who have faced a loss of employment due to past difficulties.

Lakeview Center serves thousands of individuals each year and employs psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, social workers, therapists, nurses, vocational specialists and other professionals. The center is governed by a local volunteer board of directors.

Behavioral Health Services[edit]

Counseling assistance is provided in several settings including residential, outpatient, case management, day treatment and therapeutic foster care. Lakeview staff offer assessments; individual and group counseling; and professional and community education. Additional clinics and programs located throughout Escambia County and Santa Rosa County make it easy for individuals outside of Pensacola to receive services.

Drug & Alcohol Services[edit]

Lakeview Center offers drug and alcohol treatment programs for teens and adults. Various programs provide detoxification, inpatient care, outpatient counseling; residential treatment and day treatment for teens; specialized day-treatment for mothers with substance abuse problems; education for individuals arrested for drinking and driving.

Vocational Services[edit]

Individuals who needs help finding employment after treatment for mental illness or who have a physical disability or another barrier to employment, may turn to Lakeview Center's vocational services. Services include skills assessment, education, job placement and sometimes employment through Gulf Coast Enterprises, another program of Lakeview Center.