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Dr. Jay S. Patel - CHA

Mr. Patel’s primary focus has been to own and operate over half a dozen franchised hotels in the Gulf Coast. He has been an active member of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) for more then two and a half decades. His tireless contribution to Aahoa in bringing thousands of Asian Hoteliers from his community together and speak as one voice has led AAHOA to evolving into the world’s largest Hotel Association with 22,000 hotels and 14,000 members. He has served two terms as the Chairman of the Franchise & Industry Relations Committee, which undertook major Industry issues relating to franchisors Good Faith Fair Dealing practices that significantly led to major changes in their business practices.

Mr. Patel is the author of Franchising Is It Fair? How to Negotiate an Equitable Franchise Agreement! and is a recognized expert in the Hospitality Franchised Industry. He realized at an early stage that franchising had many pitfalls. He felt the need to communicate and educate these pitfalls to the Franchisees thus protecting many first time franchisees life savings investments and their borrowed loans while many time mortgaging their homes and other assets. For his passion to simply teach, Mr. Patel authored the book and has donated over 15,000 hard copies to educate current and prospective Franchisees & University and College students all over the country. www.FranchisingIsItFair.com

Mr. Patel also co-founded the National Association Of Black Hotel Owners, Operator and Developers (NABHOOD). Within a few short years NABHOOD had successfully helped African Americans educate and gain almost six hundred ownerships in the Hotel Industry. Mr. Patel and his co- developers at Nabhood bought hope and inspiration to many African Americans prospective inventors and developers who never thought they could operate let alone own hotels. Mr. Patel helped create a platform where prospective owners can learn the ABC’s of owning, partnering, developing and managing hotels thus providing access to all the necessary resources that is needed to become a successful hotel entrepreneur including Franchising, capital funding resources, construction and professional management skills.

In 2010, the National Board of Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1957 unanimously elected Mr. Patel to serve on its Board. Mr. Patel was chosen and elected to serve on the National Board to preserve and enhance the civil and human rights through non-violence and apply such principles of Dr. Martin Luther King JR. and Mahatma Gandhi to the hospitality industry. Today Mr. Patel is credited for his focus on helping preserve civil and human rights through none-violence principles in the Hospitality Industry.

Mr. Patel also shares his unique understanding of both franchisees and franchisors interests with the Franchise Mediation Program (FMP). A Steering Committee of Franchisors, Franchisees, and other influential participants in the Franchise community. The mission of the program was to encourage the mediation or other non-judicial management of disputes arising between Franchisors and Franchisees. In 2008, the Committee committed to refocusing the program’s mission towards advocacy and education. Early in 2009, the Committee published the book Managing Franchise Relationships Through Mediation. This volume proposes and explains a fair, just, impartial and expeditious way of resolving disputes in the Franchise community.

Mr. Patel also served on the American Franchisee Association (AFA) Board of Directors and was one of the many delegates elected to the White House Conference on Small Business. The AFA advocated for and provided testimony in favor of changing the rules and laws that govern franchising on both the state and federal level. In 1995 the AFA organized its franchisee and dealer membership nationwide, attaining the election of 137 delegates from 27 different chains to attend the White House Conference on Small Business in Washington, DC where franchisee legal issues were among the final 60 recommendations presented to the President and Congress for immediate action. In 1996 franchisees from 30 different chains worked to develop the AFA’s Model Responsible Franchise Practices Act ("Model Act"). The purpose of the Model Act is to promote the growth of franchising through a uniform set of standards.

For many of his accomplishments Mr. Patel was recognized and honored with an Honorary Doctorate in Theology for his accomplishments in providing selfless education & his vision to better the industry. Over the years, Mr. Patel has been the recipient of multiple industry-recognized awards from various national organizations including the prestigious Outstanding Service Award, The Award of Excellence, The Spirit Award, Strategic Partnership Award, The Chairman’s Award and most recently, The Hispanic Industry Leadership Award from the International Hispanic Meeting Professional.

Mr. Patel currently has a Gubernatorial appointment from Florida's Govornor to the Board of Trustees to the University of West Florida. Mr. Patel serves as the Chairman of the Student Affairs Committee and also is the Vice Chairman of the UWF's Direct Service organization UWF Business Enterprise Inc. (BEI).

Mr. Patel emphasizes on the fact that franchising is one of the most powerful global industries and with great powers comes great responsibilities. Mr. Patel is co-developing; Project Green Leaf, (PGL) a 501c3 not-for profit organization for the worlds first free wireless electric vehicle charging network through local Cities, Counties and Universities.

The goal and mission by the PGL team of professional experts from around the globe Mr. Patel has the privilege to leads as Chairman, is humbly to address severe Global Warming concerns which increases in Earth's average surface temperature due to rising levels of greenhouse gases and Climate Change issues which is a long-term change in the Earth's climate. This is partially subsidized from the transportation industry, which contributes to more than 27% of all emissions on the Planet.

Over the past five years, through research PGL’s team has developed a disruptive business model in the private sector of reducing a significant amount of C02 Emissions and reduces a significant amount of Dependency on Foreign and Domestic Oil. The general consumers have been slow to adapt to Electric Vehicles therefore this free infrastructure will ease the overall consumers anxiety range of where to charge. Patel has worked tirelessly to convinced local and national franchise companies to join in setting up the free wireless charging network though a customer retention tool of offering free charging while the consumer do business with them.

Mr. Patel has lives in Pensacola Florida with his wife, two children and his mother.