J. Lee Pickens School

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J. Lee Pickens School
Building Information
Location 2511 North Hayne Street
Client Escambia County
Current Owner Escambia County School District
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.438129" lon="-87.217305" type="hybrid" zoom="16" width="300" height="275">

30.438069, -87.217078 J. Lee Pickens School </googlemap>

J. Lee Pickens School was a primary school located at 2511 North Hayne Street. It is named for J. Lee Pickens, a prominent African-American physician.

The school opened in (date needed) and closed in (date needed). It has been used by the Escambia County School District for storage of surplus equipment and materials.

In 2001, school officials agreed to grant the building to a non-profit community arts organization, the Multi-Educational Cultural Center for the Arts (or MECCA), if the group could pay to relocate the contents of the building to a storage facility near the Hall Center. After a 90-day deadline, however, MECCA had not raised the necessary funds.[1]

The school building was demolished in 2014.


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