Seville Square Historic District

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The Seville Square Historic District is the area where the town of Pensacola was successfully settled after initial attempts by the Spanish in 1559. This area bounded on the south by a beautiful deep water bay (the only deep water bay along the gulf coast), 2 streams left and right and a swamp north in the area of what is now Garden Street, this land was like an island with natural barriers. Seville Square was built as a parade ground for the Fort of Pensacola but became the center hub of the surrounding neighborhood. As one of the oldest towns if not the oldest in North America, the entire district is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and this includes the Historic Pensacola Village. The neighborhood was saved as an historic district by the Pensacola Heritage Foundation led by Mary Turner Rule Reed who also had the district listed on the National Registry along with the lighthouse at the Naval Air Station. Mary Turner led the movement to join Pensacola's pristine white sand beaches, azure waters and historic forts with the Gulf Islands National Seashore. The movement to preserve and restore the Seville Square Historic District and other historic areas of Pensacola was begun in 1963 and continues today. Along with recognition on the National level by the National Registry, the district is protected by a state board, the Northwest Florida Preservation Board which Mary Turner helped establish and locally by the Architecture Review Board. It is a charming area with architecture dating mostly from the mid 19th century (earlier structures were burned in battles between the Spanish, French, British, all who ruled Pensacola in the past),the lovely and oldest church on its original site in Florida, many good restaurants and unique shops in old houses and several interesting musuems. The Seville Square district is a museum in itself. The square hosts concerts and festivals year round in this park. The area is worth a visit.