Fricker Community Center

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Fricker Community Center
Type Community center
Operated by City of Pensacola
Location 900 North F Street

The Frank A. Fricker Community Center is a City of Pensacola community center located at 900 North F Street.


In 1936, the City of Pensacola purchased the block bounded by de Soto, Strong, E, and F Streets with the intent of creating a park for African-American citizens:

WHEREAS, it has been thought advisable by the City Council to purchase property to be used as a recreational park for colored citizens; and whereas the City Manager has purchased Block 47 of the West King Tract from the Estate of T. A. LaFar...

—Resolution adopted October 20, 1936 by the Pensacola City Council

The community center was named for Frank A. Fricker in 1952.


  • Gym
  • Weight Room
  • Pre-School Room
  • Computer Lab
  • Kitchen
  • Game Rooms
  • Banquet Hall