Florida State Road 291

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Florida State Road 291
Davis HighwayDr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Davis StreetAlcaniz StreetWright Street
South end: Gregory Street
North end: Nine Mile Road/US 90 ALT

Florida State Road 291 is a major north-south thoroughfare in Pensacola, running from downtown Pensacola to Nine Mile Road/US 90 ALT north of Ferry Pass. For the portion carried by Davis Highway, Florida 291 is a major commercial corridor.

Florida 291 begins (unsigned) at Gregory Street in downtown Pensacola. The northbound portion travels north on Alcaniz Street for one block, then east on Wright Street for one block, then again north on Davis Street. Near Hart Drive, Davis Street becomes Davis Highway, which it remains until Florida 291 terminates at Nine Mile Road/US 90 ALT. Southbound traffic is carried by Davis Highway south until Hart Drive, at which point Davis separates into separate one-way northbound and southbound routes. Southbound traffic continues on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive to Cervantes Street. South of Cervantes, the road is signed Alcaniz Street. Florida 291 continues thus to its southern terminus at Gregory Street.

Between Shubert Drive and University Parkway, Davis Highway/Florida 291 carries three lanes of traffic in each direction. The rest of Florida 291 carries two lanes.