Crowne Plaza Pensacola Grand Hotel

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Pensacola Grand Hotel
Building Information
Location 200 East Gregory Street
Size Fifteen stories
<googlemap lat="30.417407" lon="-87.210009" zoom="16" width="288" height="288">

30.417258, -87.209945, Crowne Plaza Pensacola Grand Hotel </googlemap>

The Crowne Plaza Pensacola Grand Hotel is a 15-story hotel in downtown Pensacola, between Wright and Gregory Streets on Alcaniz, adjacent to the Pensacola Civic Center. The hotel was built around the L&N Passenger Depot and Express Office, constructed in 1912 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which was restored and now houses the lobby, restaurant, bar and other shops. There are 210 guest rooms in the 15-story tower. It is the tallest building in Pensacola.


In 1982 the City Council requested a $745,851 grant from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development to help with the hotel construction and terminal renovation.[1]

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