Cactus Flower

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3425 North 12th Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32503 | 850-432-8100

Delicious California-style Mexican food for a great price.

At Cactus Flower Cafe the food, salsas and sauces are made FRESH, twice daily. No animal fat is ever added to the beans. They use only chicken breast meat and all their beef is 100% certified angus. Their sauteed items are made with extra virgin olive oil, and only canola oil is used for our fried items. Their website boasts. "UNLIKE CHAIN RESTAURANTS, WE PREPARE OUR FOOD FRESH TO ORDER, NOT PRE-MEASURED, PRE-CUT OR PREDONE FROM FROZEN. THIS TAKES A BIT LONGER, BUT WE PROMISE IT WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT!" It is.

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