Baars Family Estate

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The Baars Family Estate is the collection of land holdings acquired by Henry Baars and his wife Mary Ellison in the late-19th and early-20th centuries.

According to family lore, whenever Henry Baars would ask his wife what she wanted for a gift, she would instruct him to "buy land." By the time of her death in 1923, the Baars' holdings included more than 4,000 acres north of Hyde Park Road and the city limits, bounded roughly by Bayou Texar, Carpenter's Creek and Davis Highway easterly to Escambia Bay.

Most of the land has been sold and developed over the years, and now makes up the Cordova Park neighborhood and its surrounding subdivisions, the Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport, the Cordova business district (including Cordova Mall and Sacred Heart Hospital) and Pensacola Junior College.

Trustees of the estate include John Connell and other members of the Baars family.