13th Avenue

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13th Avenue
South end: DeLeon Street
North end: Tunis Street

13th Avenue or Thirteenth Avenue is a two-lane avenue traversing Hawkshaw and East Hill. Thirteenth Avenue's current southern terminus is at DeLeon Street; from there it runs northerly in a short segment to East Gregory Street. After a three-block interruption, the street picks back up at East Belmont Street and runs northerly uninterrupted to East De Soto Street. Interrupted for one block, the street resumes at East Gonzalez Street and runs northerly for two blocks before being interrupted again by the campus of N.B. Cook Elementary School. Resuming at East Lee Street, 13th Avenue then runs northerly uninterrupted to East Anderson Street. After another one-block interruption, the street runs for one more block, from East Maura Street to Tunis Street.