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| date_of_birth  =[[1867]]
| date_of_birth  =[[September 4]], [[1866]]
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| place_of_birth =
| date_of_death  =[[September 21]], [[1936]]
| date_of_death  =[[September 21]], [[1936]]

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William L. Moyer
Born September 4, 1866
Died September 21, 1936
Occupation Mayor of Pensacola
Spouse Winnie Touart Moyer

William L. Moyer was mayor of Pensacola for less than four days, from September 18 to September 21, 1936.

Named to replace Henry Clay Armstrong, who was removed by the Pensacola City Council for his support of Republican presidential candidate Alf Landon, Moyer reportedly told the council, "I assure you gentlemen you have elected a good, strong Democrat." He died shortly thereafter.[1] Max Bear, the only council member who had opposed removing Armstrong, was subsequently named mayor pro tem.

Other service

Moyer had previously served on the City of Pensacola's Board of Aldermen from 1901 to 1903 and again from 1907 to 1913, and on the Pensacola City Council from 1931 to 1936, when he assumed the mayoralty.

Preceded by:
Henry Clay Armstrong
Mayor of Pensacola
Succeeded by:
Max L. Bear


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