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The West Florida Regional Library System is an organisation of libraries that serve the Pensacola area, with all of its branch libraries in Escambia County, Florida.

The Library System currently has approximately 360,000 books, 36,000 audio resources, and 14,000 video resource in circulation. In addition to its branch libraries, the Library System operates a mobile library, the "Bookmobile", which visits a number of areas in Escambia County each week.

Branch libraries

Escambia County

Funding and administration

The branches as well as the Bookmobile are funded primarily by the City of Pensacola and Escambia County. The branches also receive aid supplement funds from the state of Florida, as well as Federal grant money.

The West Florida Regional Library System is administered by the West Florida Regional Library Board, which is made up of nine members, of which three each are appointed by the Pensacola City Council and the Escambia County Commission.

Borrowing policies

Patrons of the West Florida Regional Library may borrow up to fifteen (15) books at a time, for up to three weeks. Only four (4) audio/visual materials may be borrowed at a time, however. Overdue books and audio materials collect a fine of ten cents ($0.10) per day per item, excluding days on which the Library is closed. Overdue visual materials and CD-ROM resources collect a fine of one dollar ($1.00) per day per item. Unpaid fines exceeding $3.00 will prevent a patron from borrowing materials until paid.

All materials borrowed from the Library can be returned to any Library branch, regardless of the branch from which they were borrowed.

West Florida Regional Library cards are free for residents of Escambia county. Non-residents may apply for a card, but will be required to pay a nonrefundable $50 annual fee. Replacement of a lost card costs $3. Children under the age of 12 can apply for a card with parental permission. A patron must be over the age of 18 to borrow video and CD-ROM resources, however. A Library card application form can be obtained at any branch library or downloaded from the Library's website.

Library Website

Patrons can use the West Florida Regional Library website to search the library's catalog, submit reference questions to a librarian, reserve West Florida Regional Library materials, and request materials from libraries across the country via interlibrary loan. The Library website also offers links to many educational resources on the internet.

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