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An Infobox Biography may be used to summarize information about a person.


This infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article.

{{Infobox Biography
| subject_name   =
| image_name     =
| image_size     =
| image_caption  =
| date_of_birth  =
| place_of_birth =
| date_of_death  =
| place_of_death =
| occupation     =
| religion       =
| spouse         =
| parents        =
| children       =
| signature      =
| signaturesize  =


Parameter Explanation
subject_name Insert name of person.
image_name Insert *.jpg image.
image_size Insert image width (defaults to 180x180px if empty).
image_caption Insert photograph caption. Try to include date of photo and the photographer.
date_of_birth Insert date of birth: month, day, year.
place_of_birth Insert place of birth: town, city, country.
date_of_death Insert date of death: month, day, year.
place_of_death Insert place of death: town, city, country.
occupation Insert the person's occupation.
spouse Insert the names of the person's spouses, followed by the years of marriage. Use the format: Name (Year[hyphen]Year) [or] (Year-present). Separate entries with a line break (<br />).
parents Insert the names of the person's parents. Separate entries with a line break (<br />).
children Insert the names of the person's children. Separate entries with a line break (<br />).
signature Image file of person's signature (preferably PNG transparent background). Primarily used for historical figures.
signaturesize Insert image width (defaults to 200px if empty).