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Well now whaddya make of this? Apparently McHugh and the city marshall, Ed A. Marshall, had a racket of accusing women of running "bawdy-houses" to extort money. Besides that, it seems very clear that McHugh was still mayor in at least August 1897, a full two years after our dates — which means our entire mayoral timeline may be unreliable. — admin • talk  08:17, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

The timeline I got from the City Clerk states that McHugh was Mayor in 1895 and 1897, serving less than a full year each time. It doesn't get month specific unfortunately but it does indicate that each mayor following also served a portion of those years. Here's the relevant part from the Clerk's timeline:
1893-1894  W.E. Anderson
1895   Pat McHugh 
Under New Charter  (By an act of the State Legislature which provided for a mayor and city Aldermen) 
1895-1896  W.E. Anderson
1897   Pat McHugh
1897-1898  W.H. Northrup

I've been meaning to go in and correct our timeline (which is 97% accurate) to bring it in line with the Clerk's, but, eh, been busy. — dscossontalk  14:58, 24 January 2009 (UTC)