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The information contained within this Wiki, and Mr. Appleyard's book, was taken from a University of West Florida graduate internship report. The original author was Robert Lewis, and the title was "An Examination of Local History: The Escambia County Sheriff's Office." Mr. Lewis completed his internship in 2004. Said report included biographical sketches of several early sheriff's of Escambia County and each went uncredited in Mr. Appleyard's book. In addition, there were several copyright restrictions contained within the report that included non-transferal beyond personal use. These were expressly stated in the report and were ignored by Mr. Appleyard. Mr. Lewis' internship is currently on file in the Special Collections Department and in the History Department at the University of West Florida.

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Planned raid of Pensacola with the Lafitte brothers?[edit]

Was looking through this book about Pierre Lafitte's time in Pensacola, and it makes frequent mention of a "Henry D. Peire" who, among other things, was going to lead an 1817 raid against Pensacola (ultimately scrapped) to "plunder the town, especially of slaves." Wonder if it was the same guy? — admin • talk  18:00, 9 December 2008 (UTC)