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Trillium property

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[[Image:TrilliumWeeds.jpg|thumb|right|The Trillium property became overgrown after its industrial use.]]
The '''Trillium property''' is the most common name of the 27.5-acre parcel of waterfront land that sits south of [[Main Street]] roughly between [[Spring Street|Spring]] and [[De Villiers Street]]s, overlooking [[Pensacola Bay]]. It is owned by the [[City of Pensacola]] and will be the site of the [[Vince Whibbs Sr. Community Maritime Park]].
==Festival Park==
[[Image:TrilliumWeeds.jpg|thumb|right|Preliminary [[Festival Park]] work brought truckloads of fill dirt to the property before it was overturned by voter referendum.]]
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==Community Maritime Park==
[[Image:CMP-OverheadDiagram.jpg|thumb|right|Overhead rendering of the Community Maritime Park project]]
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In late [[2004]], months after [[Hurricane Ivan]] devastated the Pensacola area, city leaders including City Manager [[Tom Bonfield]] and Mayor [[John Fogg]] met with retired Vice Admiral [[Jack Fetterman]] and others to discuss ideas about a possible "maritime park" project for the Trillium site. The [[Community Maritime Park Associates]] (CMPA) was formed and presented a preliminary proposal to the [[Pensacola City Council]], which approved the concept on [[January 18]], [[2005]].
Under the plan, the Trillium property will be managed by the non-profit [[CMPA]] organization (for a perfunctory $1/year lease) and will include a multi-use stadium and ballpark for the [[Pensacola Pelicans]], a 50,000 square-foot [[maritime museum]], [[University of West Florida]] classrooms, a conference center, mixed-used commercial developments, and large public green spaces along [[Pensacola Bay]]. All net revenue collected by the Park will be deposited into the [[City of Pensacola]] budget.
==Environmental issues==
The soil of the Trillium property is contaminated by potentially toxic materials, including arsenic and petroleum. In addition, the [[Community Maritime Park]] development will require extensive wetland mitigation work.