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Pensacola State College

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'''Pensacola Junior State College''' (usually shortened to '''PJCPSC''') is the name for an umbrella of multiple community colleges in [[Escambia County]] and [[Santa Rosa County]]. The college's slogan is "You can get there from here."
The main campus, located in Pensacola, was opened in [[1948]] and was the first institute of higher learning in the town ([[University of West Florida]] would not open to a full class of undergraduates until [[1983]]). PJC PSC quickly expanded to include a [[Downtown Pensacola]] campus in [[1957]], and a [[Milton]] campus in [[1971]]. A mini-campus opened on [[Naval Air Station Pensacola]] in [[1981]]. A final branch in [[Warrington]] rounded out the five-location junior college system.
Currently the college offers a two-year transitional program in conjunction with the [[University of West Florida]]. This is the most popular program among students, many continuing on to a bigger university setting after two years at PJCPSC.PJC PSC operates [[WSRE]], the only PBS member station in town.
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*[ PJC website
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