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Alabama, Florida & Georgia Railroad

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As railroads first began operation in the 1820s, Pensacola's business leaders began planning a way to connect the harbor to this new transportation network. In December [[1833]], a public meeting was held that resulted in a request to the Alabama state legislature and Florida territorial council for permission to construct a 210-mile railroad. Finding enthusiastic approval from the Florida lawmakers, the Florida, Alabama & Georgia Railroad was incorporated on [[February 14]], [[1834]], authorized to build a road from Pensacola to the Florida-Alabama border, where it would join a road from Columbus, Georgia.
The Alabama legislature was less enthusiastic, as [[Mobile]] delegates worried that a proposed branch line to Montgomery would affect commerce down the [[Alabama River]]. When their delegation blocked a first attempt to pass a charter, a compromise was reached that scrapped the Montgomery line, after which the plan was approved in late 1834. Florida endorsed the Alabama charter in February of the next year.
==Funding & planning==
In The charter of the railroad company was approved on [[December 12]], [[1834]], 15with thirty-one initial commissioners: [[John A. Cameron]], [[Robert Mitchell]],000 shares [[Samuel W. Oliver]], [[Starke Hunter]], [[George Stonum]], [[Scaborn Jones]], [[John Forsyth, Jr.]], [[William H. Chase]], [[Walter Gregory]], [[Hanson Kelly]], [[John Innerarity]], [[Henry Hyer]], [[Thomas M. Blount]], [[George W. Barkley]], [[Charles Le Barron]], [[John H. Parker]], [[Walker Anderson]], [[Daniel McDougal]], [[James C. Watson]], [[William McMahan]], [[Jefferson Buford]], [[Eli Townsend]], [[Wilson Ashley]], [[Robert Joyner]], [[Charles C. Keyser]], [[Bird C. Willis]], [[Jasper Strong]], [[James Catlin]], [[Jackson Morton]], [[John Hunt]] and [[Joseph Forsyth]]. $1.5 million worth of A, F&G stock were was put on the market at $0.25 per share and , quickly purchased, bringing in collecting $3,750 and allowing the company to organize as per its charter. This occurred five days later, on [[December 17]]. Military engineer [[William H. Chase]] was elected the board's president.
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