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<noinclude>{{On this day/doc}}</noinclude>'''[[{{#titleparts:{{PAGENAME}}|1|2}}January 24]]''':
<!-- Events go below this line.-->
*[[1829]] &ndash; '''[[Adam J. Slemmer]]''' was born.
*[[1939]] &ndash; A '''[[Gulf Breeze Post Office|post office]]''' was established in [[Gulf Breeze]].
*[[2003]] &ndash; '''[[Carissa Bergosh]]''' was appointed by Governor [[Wikipedia:Jeb Bush|Jeb Bush]] to serve in her husband [[Gary Bergosh|Gary]]'s [[Escambia County School Board]] seat during his deployment to Kuwait and Iraq.
*[[2006]] &ndash; '''[[Clarence Hill]]''' received a stay of execution from Supreme Court Justice [[Wikipedia:Anthony Kennedy|Anthony Kennedy]].