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Are you working on this article, or do you want me to give it a shot? Either way I can probably chip in some photos. --[[User:Admin|Admin]] 10:38, 25 April 2008 (CDT)
::Lol... hehere's what I've got... basically a rewrite of the PNJ article. Do with it what you will! '''[[User:Dscosson|dscosson]]''' ··· '''[[User talk:Dcosson|talk]]''' 10:53, 25 April 2008 (CDT) ==Derek:::Much better than my effort. '''s draft=={{Infobox Biography| subject_name =William E. "Bill" Davis| image_name =| image_size =225px| image_caption =| date_of_birth =| place_of_birth =| date_of_death =[[April 22]], [[2008]]User:Dscosson| place_of_death =Pensacola| occupation =[[Escambia County Sheriffdscosson]]| religion =| spouse =| parents =| children =}}'''William E. "Bill" Davis··· ''' was [[Escambia County SheriffUser talk:Dcosson|talk]] from [[1961]] through [[1970]]. Davis began working at the [[Escambia County Sheriff's Office]] in [[1951]]. When he was elected as Sheriff in [[1960]] at the age of 33, he was the youngest sheriff ever elected in Florida. Davis served two terms until he was controversially removed from office in [[1970]]. As sheriff, he began the department's first K-9 and mobile crime unit programs' 15:19, among others. ==Removal from office==In [[1970]], after grand juries returned indictments of Davis on charges of, among other things, embezzlement and gambling, Davis was removed from office. He was additionally charged with breaking and entering the home of Deputy Michael C. Iannone, allegedly to carry on an affair with his wife Karen. She testified that she and Davis had been having an affair for the previous five years, beginning when she was 16. Davis was acquitted of all charges against him, but the Florida Senate refused to restore him to office. In February [[1974]], the same body upheld his removal and found him guilty of "malfeasance, neglect of duty and incompetence in office". {{bio-stub}}25 April 2008 (CDT)