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The Gulf Coast is home to a number of shipwrecks from centuries past, including the Emanuel Point shipwrecks from the Luna expedition, as well as more recent wrecks and artificial reefs, including the USS Oriskany and the USS Massachusetts.


Below is a map showing the approximate location of extant shipwrecks and artificial reefs. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.306503" lon="-87.135315" zoom="9" width="100%" height="300"> 30.043889, -87.006944 USS Oriskany 30.295833, -87.3125 USS Massachusetts </googlemap>

Chronological list

Below is a chronological list of shipwrecks known to have been sunk or run aground around Pensacola and the Gulf Coast.

Date Name/description Location Notes
1553 Spanish fleet under Bartolomé Carreño Near Mobile Bay
September 19, 1559 Six ships of the Luna expedition Pensacola Bay
June 2, 1611 Santa Ana María Juncal Cabo de Apalachi Believed to have been carrying million dollars' of treasure
1731 Spanish frigate under Joseph Piz Near Pensacola Was carrying annual payroll for garrison
February 16, 1766 Le Tigre Cape St. George Story recounted in The Shipwreck and Adventure of Pierre Viauld
1766 Spanish ship, name unknown Near "Isle of Rosey" (possible Santa Rosa Island)


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