Presidential primary election, 2008

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Florida's presidential primary election was held on January 29, 2008. A property tax referendum was also on the ballot. Due to the State of Florida's decision to move the primary election to a date earlier than Democratic National Committee rules allowed, the Democratic Party stripped Florida of its delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Accordingly, no Democratic nominating delegates were awarded as a result of the returns.

As Florida has closed primaries, Republicans and Democrats may only vote in their party's primary. Independents of those affiliated with minor parties may not vote in either primary, but were allowed to vote on the property tax referendum.

Escambia County

President of the United States

Republican Party

Candidate % Votes
John McCain 35.8 15,154
Mitt Romney 26.9 11,408
Mike Huckabee 22.4 9,513
Rudy Giuliani 7.1 3,021
Ron Paul 5.1 2,174
Fred Thompson 2.1 873
Alan Keyes 0.4 164
Duncan Hunter 0.1 46
Tom Tancredo 0.1 26

Democratic Party

Candidate % Votes
Barack Obama 42.2 13,077
Hillary Clinton 32.3 10,011
John Edwards 21.6 6,699
William "Bill" Richardson III 1.6 487
Joseph R. Biden 1.0 324
Dennis J. Kucinich 0.6 175
Mike Gravel 0.4 127
Christopher J. Dodd 0.3 106