Philip D. Beall, Sr.

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Philip Dane Beall, Sr.
Beall (second from right) being sworn in as Senate President
Born February 17, 1891
San Antonio, Texas
Died 1943
Occupation Politician
Religion Roman Catholic
Spouse Hildur Dahlstrom Beall
Parents Wilbur N. and Annie Larkin Beall
Children Philip D. Beall, Jr.
Kirke M. Beall

Philip Dane Beall, Sr. (d. 1943) was a Florida State Senator representing District 2. He was made president of the State Senate on April 6, 1943 and served in that capacity until his death later that year. His son, Philip D. Beall, Jr., was thereafter elected to the District 2 seat.

The old three-mile bridge over Pensacola Bay is named in memory of him. The name of the new bridge will be in honor of Chappie James.

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